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Built in the 17th century, painted with frescoes dated 1858 executed by an Argentine painter in which he was called Padilla and who at the time painted the various rooms, when the building was a central commercial emporium in Ericeira and which received the goods that arrived there in Porto from Ericeira from the rest of the world that supplied local society with fabrics, silks from the East, ivories and other rare and exotic goods.

The building served as a school for the Army Pupils in the 1920s and 1930s, during the 20th century, one of the boys who passed his mark on it in one of the rooms with a soldier saluting before the castle.
It was also the family's summer residence, which has owned the building since it was built.

From the 1940s, until the end of the last century, large events were organized by local society and the city of Lisbon that passed by, a bathing season held dinners to support special causes, but especially to Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Ericeira in which they helped the poor and elderly of the Vila. In some events, more than 100 people met on occasion and in these parties with balls, plays or good card games and gatherings passed great personalities of the time. Since then the building was used as a family house.

Lovely Bay renovated  the building and converted the the upper floors in residential properties. The ground floor was transformed in recognised shops developing and enriching the community fabric of beloved Ericeira. Some examples are “Dear Rose Café”,  a specialty coffee shop with vegan and healthy food offerings much appreciated by tourists and current residents of Ericeira.

Building on Rua Fonte do Cabo and Largo Condes da Ericeira

With over 200 years of history in the central square of the Ericeira Food Market, the building was known as Casa da Adega and Casa da Burra in Ericeira, for the uses it has always had historically and is also where everyone parks when they arrive in the village.
Recently it is recognized for Ericeira's old and charismatic style and for hosting the oldest and highest quality Sushi restaurant in Ericeira.
On the first floor that was until recently residential, the first and best known Local Accommodation unit of Ericeira operates.

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