The kfé experience

Welcome to KFÉ coffee shop, opened in 2015, home of healthy food and quality Baristas. This project was our first one in Ericeira and despite not exploring it anymore, its part of our DNA, hence why part of our website. We used only single origin coffee beans, roasted in London, originating from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia.

Our beans were specially selected from plantations with high quality beans, where farmers were payed fairly for their produce. Beans selected by the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, based in London, are sourced morally and roasted to perfection by Dumo, their roaster. Ensuring the highest quality from crop to cup.

We believe in the culture of good coffee, from fair wages to the farmers who supply our beans, to the atmosphere in the shop, to the quality of the coffee you drink. Coffee is the second most widely traded commodity in the world, second only to oil. Coffee is a commodity for the people.

quality coffee

International quality coffee has arrived in Portugal, to the bustling seaside town of Ericeira. Imported from only the finest plantations across the globe, and supplied by the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in London.


Ethically sourced

All of our coffee beans originate from reliable plantations in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Colombia and more. We believe that to truly enjoy your cup of coffee, it's essential to know that at every stage of the process, farmers are paid fairly.



Coffee is the second largest import in the world, second only to oil in terms of scale. That's why it's so important to ensure we create social good throughout the sourcing process.